What do the children say?

I loved it when we did an obstacle course at Pre-School. We had to go under or over the table and we all helped each other. It was really fun and exciting!

I really like the snack. There’s always something yummy to choose and it stops me getting too hungry to play!

I love Pre School because it’s funny and fun and makes me happy

I liked it when the boys and girls from big school came to do sports with us. When I’m a big boy I want to come back and help the Pre-School children too.

And what about the parents?

“What I love best about Crich Pre-School is knowing that my child is so well cared for. I know if he needs a hug, he’ll get one; if he’s tired they’ll notice and direct him to calm activities and if he’s upset they’ll help him through it. It’s such a supportive and nurturing place.”

“It’s so important for children to have reliable, consistent caregivers and Crich Pre-School provides this. The staff have been working at the Pre-School for many years and are mature, experienced and enthusiastic. They care about how both parents and children feel and worked with me to ease my anxiety about leaving my son when he first started.”

“I love that my son happily runs into Pre-School every time. He has never said he doesn’t want to go and would stay for lunch every day if he could!

I had to pop in to one of the sessions recently and every child was busy and happy. It was such a safe, calm, loving environment.”