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Termly Themes

Our themes for this half term are Summer and Moving on. As our caterpillars developed somewhat quicker than expected and emerged as butterflies over half term, we need to get some more so that the children can enjoy watching them emerge from their cocoons, and so we will also continue with Growing and Minibeasts.

Diary Dates

Cake Stall:

We are holding a cake stall outside Crich Butchers on Saturday 16th June from 9 am. If you are able to support this event, by baking a cake and / or helping to run the stall, please add your name to the appropriate sheets at pre-school (if you haven’t already done so). Our raffle will be drawn at the end of the cake stall morning, so if you haven’t bought any tickets yet but would like to do so, please speak to a member of staff or complete the slip at the end of this letter and return in a sealed envelope with the appropriate money. All funds raised will go towards purchasing new resources to improve the play opportunities at pre-school – we have a very long wish list!



·         Monday 2nd July 2018

·         Friday 20th July 2018

Polling Day:

We have recently been informed that the pre-school room will be used for polling for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on Thursday 19th July 2018 and therefore pre-school will be closed to children on this day. Although this closure is outside of our control, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Sports Day:

The morning of Tuesday 10th July 2018 at Crich Junior School. Details to follow in due course.


International Mud Day:

Friday 29th June is International Mud Day – a chance to join settings across the world to celebrate immersion in outdoor play and encouraging a deep physical connection to the natural world. We will be making the most of our mud kitchen on this day, so please ensure your child/children come to pre-school in old clothes that you don’t mind getting very dirty.

Climbing Frame

Last week the children were excited and delighted by the arrival of our new indoor climbing frame (and the boxes it came in are providing some fantastic play opportunities too!). This will help the children to develop their large motor skills whilst playing indoors but also provides plenty of other opportunities for learning across the curriculum. At the moment the children are just happy to climb and slide but we are sure it won’t be long until the climbing frame becomes a pirate ship, a castle, a tree house  … and whatever else the children can imagine. Thank you to all of the parents who have helped to organise the fundraising events that have made the purchase of this expensive equipment possible and to the parents who have supported such events too. We really do appreciate your efforts.

Suitable Clothing for All Weather Conditions  

We go outside to play every session and therefore it is essential that children come to pre-school with appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions forecast. We do have waterproof puddle suits for when we go out and about in the local area but we do not have a supply of wellington boots. If the weather is forecast to be sunny, please send your child to pre-school with a named sun hat and apply sun cream before arriving at pre-school. There are a number of all day sun creams available which eliminate the need to reapply sun cream during the pre-school day. However, if your child needs sun cream reapplying, please put your child’s name on it, put it in their bag and inform a member of staff. We already have sunglasses for all of the children.

Fruit and Vegetable Bowl     

We are committed to promoting healthy eating at pre-school and would like to encourage the children to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables whilst also offering more choice at snack times. We have previously introduced a pre-school fruit and vegetable bowl which is left in the quite room each morning and we invite parents to contribute whenever they are able, be this each week or once a term. All we ask is that the fruits/vegetables can be eaten raw. There is no obligation but all contributions are gratefully received. However, we have received very few contributions lately and some parents have asked if they could pay a small amount per session instead to cover the cost of pre-school purchasing sufficient fruit and vegetables, adding that this will also ensure variety and freshness. We would therefore like to find out what the majority of our parents would prefer to do and would be most grateful if you could complete and return the slip below.

School Readiness 

Last year Derbyshire County Council produced a leaflet to help parents understand what children should be able to do by the time they leave pre-school in readiness for starting school. We feel this information is important for all parents, not just those with a child starting school this September, and have therefore attached a copy of this leaflet for your information. You can help your child by practising these skills at home. If you would like further information, please ask a member of staff.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to pop in to see us.

Kind regards

Anne-Marie, Lisa, Tracie, Sadie, Joyce and Kim

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