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It is lovely to be back at pre-school and working with the children again. It is amazing to see how much progress they have all made during my absence!  We have several new children starting this term and we would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to them and their families.

This term Lisa and I are trialling a new management structure. I am the ‘Setting Manager’ responsible for teaching and learning and Lisa is ‘Business Manager’ responsible for administration. We are confident that this arrangement will allow us both more time to focus on our areas of expertise and will therefore benefit the children.

Sadly, Helen is still off sick and, due to the seriousness of her injury, is likely to be off for a significant period of time. I am sure you will join us in wishing her a speedy recovery.

As a result of Helen’s absence, we welcome Kim Oliver to the pre-school team as a member of relief staff. We are fortunate to have a very dedicated staff. However, last term was very difficult in terms of staff absences and so the trustees and I would like to thank the staff for all of the hard work they put in to keep the pre-school running. Special thanks must also be given to two of our parents, Zoe Hirst and Kim Oliver, who volunteered when necessary to ensure we adhered to the required adult to child ratios.

Termly Themes

Our themes for this half term are Spring, Growing and Minibeasts.

St George’s Day  


Next Monday (23rd April) is St George’s Day. To celebrate this event we would like the children who usually attend on a Monday to come to pre-school dressed as knights, princesses, dragons or in red and white clothing on this day. We will be sharing the story of George and the Dragon, setting up a role-play castle and cave to encourage the children to re-tell the story, as well as making a patriotic snack and offering a variety of themed craft activities. The rest will be up to the children – who knows where we will go?

Sports Leaders     

We will be welcoming visits from some of the children from Crich Junior School, the Sports Leaders, who will be leading our children in a variety of sports activities. It is lovely for us staff to see how wonderful the older children are with the pre-school children and how these sessions benefit all of the children involved.  However, we would like parents to have the opportunity to see this as well. Therefore, we also hope to organise the second pre-school sports day at Crich Junior School. We are just trying to finalise a convenient date with the junior school and will advise you of this as soon as possible. The sports day was a huge success last year, with many pre-school parents commenting on how impressed they were with the junior school children.

Water Bottles

Most children continue to come to pre-school with water in their water bottles and we thank you for support with this. However, we have noticed that some parents have reverted back to sending in squash/juice. Drinking enough water is important for maintaining brain function and it is also better for teeth as drinking squash/juice can lead to tooth decay. It is important to get our children into good habits now, as they will only have access to water during class time when they start school. Also, in the past we have experienced problems with some of our youngest children drinking from other children’s bottles because they liked another child’s juice better than what was in their own bottle. Everyone having water in their bottle eliminates this problem (sending a separate drink of juice in your child’s lunchbox is fine). The children have a choice of milk or water at snack time and all of the children currently attending pre-school happily choose (and drink) one of these options. Please be assured that we will continue to make sure that all children have a drink during a session. However, if you have any concerns, please come and talk to a member of staff.

Sun Safety


Hopefully the sun will begin to shine this term! We will be teaching the children about ‘The 5 S’s’ -Slip, Slap, Slop, Sunglasses and Shade (Slip on a t-shirt, Slap on a hat, Slop on the sun cream, wear Sunglasses and stay in the Shade during the hottest part of the day). Please can you send your child to pre-school with a named sun hat and apply sun cream before arriving at pre-school. There are a number of all day sun creams available which eliminate the need to reapply sun cream during the pre-school day. However, if your child needs sun cream reapplying, please put your child’s name on it, put it in their bag and inform a member of staff. We already have sunglasses for all of the children.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to pop in to see us.

Kind regards


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